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  • Have you tried every diet and slimming club out there?
  • Did you lose weight  and then gradually put it all on again, once you stopped going to the club or stopped the diet?
  • Are you training for a sport's event but you have reached a plateau and are not sure how to progress to the next level?
  • Are you attending 2 or 3 exercise classes a week but still not losing weight or achieving your goals?
Personal Training is your route to success!!

I am a fully qualified Level 4 Personal Trainer specializing in management of low back pain, diabetes and obesity. I have also qualified in level 3 Pilates, Exercise Referral, Sports Conditioning, Ante-natal and Post-natal Exercise, Exercise to Music, Outdoor Fitness, Circuit Training, Indoor Cycling, Suspension Training and Piloxing (fusion of boxing, Pilates and dance).

I am passionate about helping people to reach their goals and make their dreams possible!


I believe that improving your health and fitness is incredibly empowering. Being fit and strong gives you the confidence to face your fears and  step out of your comfort zone. It opens up a whole new world full of adventure.


Even if your goals are not sport related (perhaps writing a book, starting a new career, going back to college?)  being fit and strong will give you the energy and motivation to strive towards your goal.

It is my philosophy to take up every opportunity that comes my way, try everything at least once and constantly challenge myself to reach new heights! Life is for LIVING!

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