I don't have any childcare, so I can't get to a gym or exercise classes!

I don't have 

time to 


I can't afford gym

membership or a

personal trainer!

I have a solution for YOU!

I hate gyms!

Online training is becoming increasingly popular because it is affordable and convenient! The difference with Beachbody is accountability! Although you train alone or with friends or family in your own home (or anywhere that you can access the internet), you are accountable to me your Beachbody coach. We will communicate regularly to help you to stay focused, motivated and to assist you with any problems!

In addition, you can join a closed group on social media of other people following the same programme as you, so that you can motivate and support each other!

You will have access to hundreds of exercise sessions! There is something to suit everyone. There are also some excellent nutrition plans to support the exercise programmes and make sure that you achieve your goals!

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I am too self-conscious to go to a gym or exercise class! 

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