Personal Training

​Why do you need a personal trainer?
So many people join a gym in January with all the  best intentions to attend regularly and get fit. They are really motivated for a few weeks but it does not take long before other priorities take over. Life is busy and the gym is just another thing to fit into your day.
Have you tried every diet and slimming club out there?
Did you lose weight  and then gradually put it all on again, once you stopped going to the club or stopped the diet?
Are you training for a sport's event but you have reached a plateau and are not sure how to progress to the next level?
Are you attending 2 or 3 exercise classes a week but still not losing weight or achieving your goal?
I can HELP you!

You will have a FREE initial consultation to establish your personal goals. I will then use all the information that you give me about your lifestyle, level of motivation, time available, etc., to design an exercise programme (and/or a nutrition plan) to meet your specific needs and help you to achieve your goals effectively, efficiently and safely.

I can do training sessions in your home, saving you travelling time, petrol costs and making your commitment to exercise easier OR in my studio gym in Rowney Green! You can also have a home programme of exercises that you will complete between PT sessions, to enhance your training and help you to reach your goals more quickly! All from the comfort of your own home!
I will constantly monitor your form and technique, to ensure that you are training efficiently and making injury far less likely.
Your progress will also be constantly monitored and your exercises adjusted to ensure that you are progressing and on target for achieving your goals!
If motivation is a problem for you, a PT is your solution! I will help you to stay motivated, stay focused on your goal and make sure that you are enjoying your programme and feeling the benefits. We can work through any barriers together. I want you to succeed!! 
A personal trainer is required to keep up to date with all the latest research and training techniques. I can pass this information on to you and help you to understand how to make permanent, long term changes to your health and lifestyle. No more yo-yo diets and stop-start exercise plans!
Yes, it can be more expensive than just joining a budget gym but if you think how much money you have wasted on programmes that have not worked for you in the long term, this is money well spent. It is my aim to help you to reach a point where you are able to become independent and maintain your new found fitness. There are various packages available to make personal training suitable for all budgets.
Personal training is your route to success!!

Initial Consultation 60 minutes

I will need to carry out an initial consultation and assessment session before we start an exercise programme. This session is very important because it gives me the information that I need to plan a programme that meets your specific, individual needs and will help you to reach your personal goals efficiently. It is an opportunity for us to plan motivational strategies, explore exercise options that you will enjoy and discuss your goals in depth.

During this consultation we can do some body measurements and a fitness assessment. These are not essential but can be very useful in providing us with a bench mark or a starting point from which we can track your progress. It can be very motivating to measure and record your progress and it will help us to make sure that you are on target to achieve your goals within the planned time-frame.  If your goals are sports related or you are working towards a competition/race, a fitness assessment will help us to plan a more focused and efficient training programme.


   Exercise Programmes

One-to-One Training Session – 60 minutes  

These exercise sessions take place in your own home, my home or a venue of your choice. The sessions will be individually planned  to help to you achieve your personal goals and supported by a personalised Home Exercise Programme, that you can do at home, outdoors or at a gym; between PT sessions. This will be adjusted regularly to accommodate your improved performance.

You will also receive regular support via telephone calls, e-mail, text, or messaging to h to stay motivated and on track to achieving your goals and to help you deal with any training issues immediately. 

In addition, I can provide you with an individual nutrition plan based on an analysis of your current eating habits and your physical activity levels. You will be required to record/fill in a food diary and a questionnaire beforehand. This plan will be a guide for you to follow if you want to achieve your ideal weight and/or maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. This is a good option if you are trying to lose or gain weight because we can make gradual changes to your current eating patterns and food choices, making the plan more achievable and more likely to help you create long term changes. This is not a ‘diet’ but a healthy eating plan based on your personal calorie requirements. Combined with a regular exercise programme, it will help you to lose/gain weight at a healthy rate and keep the weight off/on in the long term. You will receive support throughout.


Small Group Training Sessions - 60 minutes

These exercise sessions take place in your own home, my home or a venue of your choice. The sessions will be individually planned  to help everyone in the group to achieve their personal goals within the confines of a group setting. I can aide the group with a home exercise plan to support fitness goals between PT sessions. You will receive all the benefits of personal training but with just less individual attention depending on the size of the group (which is obviously the nature of group sessions). The benefit is the motivation and enjoyment of working in a group.