"Training with a personal trainer is so much better than I thought it would be. I have just finished my 6th session my heart health i.e. my blood pressure and resting heart rate has improved a lot, they are now within normal range.
My stamina and strength has improved so much more than if I exercised alone. I have been pushed beyond what I thought possible but at the same time encouraged and congratulated. I went to the session today feeling tired and unmotivated but left feeling invigorated and extremely pleased with myself.
I would highly recommended Alison as a personally trainer and will definitely continue with more sessions."  22 March 2017

"Thank you for making my Tuesday's brighter Alison! Your classes are always so fun and you're a brilliant personal teacher. I'm still engaged and seeing such a change in my fitness and overall energy. Looking forward to your future plans!"

Facebook: 18th October 2016